Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Brotha

My little brother is three years younger than I, but he stands 6"2, and has lived a life much longer in terms of measured distance.
He has driven across Canada and down through the states a number of times with his band. He's the drummer of the foursome who have grown quite close after actually living out of their band van. Sleeping in WalMart parking lots, eating out of a cooler. Completely uncomfortable, smelly and stuffy, he says those road days were some of the best of his life.
He was quarterback of our school's provincial title-winning football team, after coming back from an upsetting final the year before that saw him leave the field in an ambulance with a broken jaw. He once ran a 5k race with me without any preparation or training and felt just fine.
He makes friends with someone everywhere he goes, because his sarcastic wit, trivia knowledge and penchant for outrageous adventures make him magnetic.
When I tell him the funny things I'd love to do "one day", he tells me about the time he did them.
I used to loathe him. One day when cleaning out my room I found my teenage diary, scrawled with pages of "I HATE PATRICK" written in pen so hard it sometimes ripped the pages. I don't remember when, but I must have decided he wasn't such a whiney, parent-pleasing no-fair loser kid one day.
He was the MC at my wedding and is my daughter's godfather.
He loves cats in a weird way. He is here visiting now, and when he came in the house he politely patted my neurotic dog, wagging her tail and doing circles around him. Then he went over to the stairs to pick up our cat Goober, and snuggle with him. My brother hasn't left him alone since.
He kind of walks like a grandpa with is feet angled out.
He rarely complains when he's hurt or feeling sick.
He is a pop culture encyclopedia and he never forgets something once he's learned it.
It's taken him almost three years to come up to visit us, and it's just a short trip, but I'm so glad he's here.

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