Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long Weekend

This isn't a long weekend for me, badge-wearing member of the stay-at-home-mom club, but there is still a whole bunch of long weekend energy around here. I am soaking it in and pretending that it's a Ross River vacation for three. Here is what I am loving about the long weekend in Ross River:
- Picnic lunch at Lapie Canyon where I brought Abby down to the fast-moving water. We threw smooth stones that Skylar tried to eat, and Abby shrieked with joy at the blue-green water rushing by.
- Barbecue at a neighbour's house where all I had to do was show up with a dessert (banana bread pudding with chocolate chips!), sit in a folding chair, and sip a Mike's Hard cooler (what's a long weekend without one?). I chose to largely pretend Abby wasn't throwing fits at having to eat later than 5pm, and let Rich, the valiant husband that he is, pick up the sticky-handed toddler and distract her with our host's weenie-dog.
- Read outside on my porch while Abby naps, re-reading my favourite book and letting the sun kiss my arms and legs (wide-brimmed mom hat a MUST)
- Walk up and down our street at 8am in our jammies because that's what Abby wants to do. We threw rocks, tried to figure out where the woodpecker was, and reminded Skylar not to eat the rocks Abby threw.
Happy May long!

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