Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Most of the time we share in public is spent with me making profuse apologies on her behalf, groaning in despair as she eats something before deciding if it was edible, and calling her name in increasing decibels hoping she'll finally understand not to dive into frigid, fast-moving waters.
Skylar is a loved, welcome and enthusiastic member of our family. She is two and a half, a dark red coloured Golden Retriever, and she lives for walks, dropped food, and waking up in the morning.
I spent most of the last year lamenting her adoption: She would bark and wake the baby, lick the baby's face, run by the wobbly tot and knock her over, making her cry. She would shove her head in my lap while nursing the baby, demanding attention when I had so little left to give. I often ended up shoving her outside to play, or over to a neigbour's to play with their dog. I just needed space to breathe and deal with my whiny, clingy baby. Sorry Skylar! Baby takes priority.
Now the weather is nice and Skylar reminds me to stop and take notice of spring's beauty, new energy and life. On our daily walks, she zig zags in and out of the woods, smelling every new smell, chewing on sticks, chasing blowing leaves and chipmunks. She wears a bell on her collar to warn any emerging wildlife, (like bears or wolves or lynx), that we are coming. I hear this bell jingle here then shake somewhere else then bounce as she sprints back towards me to make sure I'm still in the deal of going for a walk.
She takes great pleasure in running ahead to chow down on as much horse poop as she can before I catch up and berate her, holding open her jaw and shaking out what I can before expressing my utter disgust to her and continuing on. She forgets her shaming and looks for more poop and dead animals to eat. Gross.
She returns home by my side, panting and dirty with sticks woven into her fur. She prefers to lie in the sunshine to dry off afterwards and, I like to believe, bask in the glory and beauty of the great outdoors.
We could all take a lesson from Skylar's appreciation and great enthusiasm for the simple, free beauties in life: a new morning, touch, a walk in the majestic woods, running around on our newly snow-free lawn.

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  1. Sounds like a very lucky dog and owner :) What is with horse poop though, so disgusting, Emi is also a fan of our neighbors cat's poop (I'm sure they are on a cheap horrible food, that has some scent to draw the animal in to it...and that smell comes out in their poop) they poop in our all the time, let's not go there, I was already cursing today as I dug out 3 from the fresh dirt and grass seed we laid out lastnight.

    I'm always envious of people who can let their dogs run around off leash. Shiba's are not very trustworthy off leash, horrible recall, major prey instinct, and fearless...known to tree bears! I wouldn't put it past her to try and fight off a Lynx. She goes off leash only when I know no other dogs are around, and in open spaces, it stinks :P


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