Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Signing the dotted line

Last Wednesday began like most others, with a sunny breakfast of 'nanas and toast while Daddy slept. He'd had a fitful night of stomach pain for like the eighth time in a row. The phone rang and then very quickly, after speaking to the nursing station and with the help of a gracious coworker, we packed in lightening speed for Whitehorse and hit the road before 10am to get Rich to a doctor.
Thankfully, Rich saw the doc, who prescribed some super-strong antacids and tummy-fixers, so he started feeling much better. We were ordered to stay in town for the weekend to monitor Rich's progress and for a follow-up doctor's visit Monday. That left us with a spontaneous family trip in Whitehorse. And, consequently, time to peek at houses.
Our real estate lady took Rich to a few while Abby napped and I read. We met up with them and saw the prospects: an older home with the right space but needing repair, a newer home with a weird layout that we both agreed would be suitable. "We could make this work," we said. But we both knew it wasn't The One.
We saw a few more houses that were in our price range, would "do", and we resolved to think about them, wait, and see what else came on the market in the next few weeks. Until we agreed that we did have time for one more stop.
"But this one already has an offer. We'll just look," said real estate lady.
We drove up to a house in our old neighbourhood, on a quiet street, with a red door. I loved it. It's at the higher end of our budget, but that's the way these things go, right? It had extensive landscaping, a garage, and it looked humble, but elegant. It was destiny, and I hadn't even gone inside the house that we "probably wouldn't want."
But we went inside and we did want it. It was perfect. It was built for us. The kitchen has a walk-in pantry, an island, tons of space, a breakfast bar, and a door leading out to a deck and a huge backyard! It had just the right number of bedrooms in just the right places. It had carpet where I like it and hardwood where that belongs too. It has vaulted ceilings, beautiful appliances and enough storage to necessitate that we get rid of some stuff and save just what we need. This house will teach us what's important, be the setting of dinner parties, backyard barbecues, where Santa will visit, were FAMILY will visit, and where we will all nestle in and cuddle during cold winter months.
We had to move fast. Since there was another offer in, we decided to compete on it. This was stressful. I didn't want our first experiences with this house to be stressful. We had to write off all our conditions within 24 hours for our offer to be accepted. Rich and I agreed to do what we could, but to not stress. If it was meant to be ours, it would work out. If not, we'd keep looking.
Our real estate lady wasn't quite so Zen about it and in fact worked her butt off no make the sale happen. So fast! But by 5pm on Friday, we had signed on the dotted line, given away some money, and bought a house.
We get keys to it on June 10, so until then we'll have to busy ourselves with imagined floor plans, decorating schemes and furniture placement. I feel like we made the right choice and that this house in Whitehorse is just waiting for us to come into its open arms, and settle in for a group hug.

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  1. Ohhhhh yay!!!! You must be so excited to finally have a place all of your own. I hope that I will get to see this home of yours....hopefully this summer!


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