Friday, April 2, 2010

Homeward Bound!

Abby and I get to go home in May for a couple weeks and I'm thrilled! We didn't plan on getting back to Ottawa until August before our first family-of-three trip to the beaches of Ogunquit, Maine. Rich has to stay behind for now and hold down the fort in Ross River, so it's a girls-only trip. My mom said it was nearing 30 degrees yesterday, reminding me that we'll get to wear sandals and sunscreen after a long wait through Yukon winter. It's still lingering here, where it's about 5 degrees most of the day, snow still covering the streets and yards.
In addition to the warmer weather, I'm excited to:

1) Have a girls' night. Without an Abby by my side, without having to rush home to make the next feeding. I'll be able to actually dress up in more than jeans and a T-shirt, drink a pretty-looking drink, eat a real appetizer that's not garlic toast, and surround myself with the girls who have known me since I had braces. It's been awhile, and I can't wait to be non-mommy Sarah for a night!
2) Walk the By Ward Market. It has a special place in my heart, since I lived there in my first crummy apartment away from home. I can't wait to greet the early May morning sun and peruse the sops stands and bakeries until it's time to stop for some delicious lunch.
3) Shop! I'm not even sure I know hot to shop in real life, since the majority of my purchases are made online! I may need to recruit some help, as I search out some pretty spring/summer dresses, cute shirts that don't scream "hiking date", stock up on favourties at Gap and Body Sop, and show Abby what a power-sale is all about, working around naptime, of course.
4) Movie Nights! I have a lot of these at home, but it will be so nice to go rent a new release, pick up some Baskin Robbins ice cream, put Abby to bed and curl up with Mom, Holly, Nigel and Gus (the kitties) to watch a movie. Patrick will pop down and say hi too, pretend he's interested in our chick flick then disappear again.
5) Tea with Dad. I miss tea time a lot and can't wait to have a cup of his way-sugar-y tea while we giggle and laugh at Abby.

I love these places in life where I have so much to look forward to! Even if I didn't, I could spend the rest of spring and summer watching Abby scoot around, discover and learn. She's so entertaining! Now I can't wait to show her off at home.

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  1. Awwww I'm so happy for you Sarah. I think it's great that you make the trip home ( no matter how long and far of a trip). You are going to enjoy those girly drinks so much!


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