Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter a la Nimans

Easter was exactly what it was supposed to be for us this year:
- Waking up too early and seeing a goofy, smiley grin waiting for me to come and pick her up out of her crib.
- Banana pancake breakfast where I couldn't get my creations off the grill and into the hands fast enough.
- No Easter egg hunt, because she has no idea what it is and won't remember anyway! Next year!
- A beautiful sunny walk across the still-frozen river with a goofy retriever smelling spring scents and chasing chipmunks. Hearing a little voice sing songs from her stroller as we walked.
- Phone calls to and from home, where I can hear the size of the smiles on the other end of the line.
- Nap time, where Abby goes to sleep easily, clutching her baby doll under her magic blanket. This gave me time to leisurely make my cheesy potatoes for dinner.
- A beautiful, picturesque drive to Faro where the scenery outside my window made me smile, breathe deep and be thankful for where I live. Also, while Abby shouted "Gagagagaga!" from her back seat listening to Lady Gaga.
- Arriving into a delicious-smelling house, letting Abby play with her mini friends on the floor, and having adult conversation that still centered largely on babies because they are the centre of our worlds.
- Sitting to eat and a raise a glass with good friends, eating amazing food, letting the loose-fitting pants I wore fill in with full belly, and cleaning my plate with gluttonous satisfaction.
- Driving home with a sleeping baby wearing her pajamas, while I listen to what's new in sex world on Cosmo Radio on Sirius.
- Having some time to myself to sip tea, put my feet up, and cuddle with my husband for a bit before he was out to fight crime again.

Yesterday was a fabulous day to celebrate the new life spring promises (through snow-covered ground!), new friends, my new family, and the new turns around every corner.


  1. Your day sounds absolutely perfect! You have such a beautiful outlook on life Sarah. I so wished we lived closer and could have mini human playdates, dance with our kidlets to Lady Gaga (or mama mia...that is our thing right now hahaa) and chat about...babies and other beautiful things in life.

  2. Agreed! Callista, I summon you to come start a shiba dogsled team up here. Tell James we have unprofessional golf in the summer and games on the frozen rivers in winter!

  3. Done ;) He could invent a new sport, ice river golf!


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