Friday, April 16, 2010

Chaos Theory

There's snow out my window and sunlight on my floor.
Hand prints on my mirror and pasta sauce on my wall.
There are paw prints leading from the front door to the kitchen, and sometimes I sit and smile and wish I could possibly take it all in.
There's so much detail and so much beauty that even if I sat in a monk-like meditative lala state and just stared at the world around me, I don't think I could ever conclude that, "yup, I have appreciated and smiled about every single funny, pretty, perfect thing around me."
And I don't think I want to be finished that kind of observation. It's a continual staring contest, me versus the world around me. I can't ever be done seeing it all, wondering, smiling and noticing.
There are wood blocks on my window sill, very close to falling outside.
Water puddles on the floor by the upturned sippy cup.
Plastic animal toys watching every move I make.
And I can put my feet up, peacefully, and breathe in with a smile about the chaos all around me.

1 comment:

  1. A gorgeous reflection. I love reading your stories Sarah, they are so beautiful.


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