Saturday, March 6, 2010

Women Rule!

Yesterday was International Women's Day, (unbeknownst to me), and at the school's pancake reakfast, the principal gave all women a bouquet of spring lillies and chocolates. He was so bashful when being thanked, and I just loved his chivalry.
It made me think, later that day, how much I really do enjoy being a woman. Woah! Don't get scared off by that statement! I promise not to go into my own Sarah-rant in the style of the Vagina Monologues!
But I really do enjoy it.
I didn't love figuring out the games boys play, or what it was they wanted (before I realized that being my true self was the best I cold offer). But I loved getting prettied up for dances and dates with my friends, swiping colours and sparkles and scents across our faces. I love dresses and earrings and curling irons and eyelash curlers.
I love womens' bodies so much more. They are just so much more attractive to look at. Even beefcake guys who take really good care of themselves still end up looking too...hard or solid, or just ape-ish. Women's bodies are so much curvier and soft and pretty. Right?
I love having smooth legs and pretty undies and pink polish on my toes (always!).
I loved being a woman when I was getting ready for my wedding and so much of the prep involved how majestic I was to look. It was a feeling of such honour and pride to know that my beauty and femininity would play such a huge role in that day, at least in the aesthetics of it.
Never have I been more happy about being a woman though than I was when I became pregnant with Abby.
It was, simply put, amazing to watch my body do its thing. To see it encourage me to eat certain foods, drink the required water, rest when needed in order to grow a baby properly. I loved seeing my belly swell (along with other parts!), feel it growing a life, and feeling like I was a new member of a new echelon in the world of women. I was on the brink of entering a club only mothers could join, those women who could celebrate in full force the benefits of being a woman.
I loved the feeling of accomplishment I got after giving birth, and learning over the last year what, exactly, I'm made of in terms of mothering. And I'm still learning.
I love that being a woman makes me nurturing, compassionate, comforting, a soft place to land. It makes me a lover, a mother, a daughter and a girlfriend. I love it!
Viva les femmes du monde!


  1. Happy International Women's Day. I thought for a moment there you were going to break out into Shania "Man I feel like a Woman!"
    Even with all the physical pain we have to endure (periods, pregnancy, birth)....I still wouldn't change it. Such amazing power!


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