Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We Have Liftoff!!

I have been excited for this day for so long. I hoped that if it happened before I saw it, people would lie to me so that the first time Abby took steps, I'd be there with open arms. And I got my wish! This morning, Abby took her very first steps. For those of you without babies or who want to walk in our footsteps for a morning, here is what watching Abby walk for the first time felt like:
The last week or so, she'd been pushing a box up and down the hall, scooting along the couch and standing in the middle of the room, up from a downward-dog type of position. Yesterday I tricked her into taking 2 steps by pushing her box just out of reach for her to push.
"She'll walk tomorrow," my mom told me on the phone last night. I laughed. But I also laughed when she guessed Abby would be born January 30, when my due date was Feb. 22.
Today Abby turned 14 months, and while she's a late walker by all accounts,I felt nothing but beaming pride.
I held her sippy of milk just out of reach at her eye level on the kitchen floor after taking her down from her high chair. Fueled with a breakfast of banana, oatmeal muffin and milk, she mustered up her courage and determination to take two steps towards the milk. She knew exactly what she was doing and beamed a huge smile when she reached her cup, and my arms wrapped around her. We did this all morning, me moving farther away, until I didn't need to hold out the cup any more. She opened her mouth and her eyes as big as she could, taking five, six, seven steps before diving into my chest for a hug.
My heart swelled. That's exactly how it felt. My radiant smile and warmth and love and pride just swelled bigger and bigger until I thought I would explode wit giddiness. My baby walked! To me! By herself!
Se walked all over playgroup this morning and has new territory to explore from a vertical perspective, so off I go to discover, right alongside her!

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  1. You describe it so beautifully! I felt like I was there with you! Got a little teary too, but those are just my girly ways.


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