Monday, March 15, 2010

Vernal Equinox

Today's Cure for Boredom is an easy one. All I have to do is swivel open the blinds to see corn blue skies with nary a cloud. A peek at the thermometer tells us today's a day for Abby to wear her fleece suit (not her 8-piece winter cold weather ensemble! yay!). We'll be headed outside, for an apres-lunch saunter across the still-frozen Pelly River, and an after-dinner stroll because today we're having a three-meat bake thing-y.
The time change means the sun comes up before 7 and doesn't tuck itself away until well after 8:30. If Abby takes a nap at just the right time in the afternoon, I can sprawl out on my bed with the blinds pushed open and let some intense sunlight flood in and warm me. (Maybe tan me? I'm not sure on that one). The little spinach sprouts in my kitchen seem to appreciate the sun, too, and they have grown enthusiastically angled towards the sink window, which gets some delightful afternoon sun.
The hibernation yin of winter is over, I think. Some scurrying chipmunks chattering up our spruce trees tell me so. I hope I don't have to wear my parka or Sorels anymore this spring!


  1. Yah! for sunshine and the start of spring!

  2. sounds like it's starting to really brighten up there!


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