Friday, March 19, 2010

Shackin' Up

I started reading William P Young's "The Shack" this week upon the recommendation of a few people. If you don't know much about it, it is set up like The Blair Witch Project in that the author makes it seem as though it is based on a true story. Due to the fantastic nature of the tale, it is up to the reader to determine if it is. In part, this exercise is part of the book's larger purpose of determining how much faith one has. Faith in a God, or whatever one calls The Creator.
I'm not typically one for overt Christian Lit, because I'm not one for overt Christian anything. As the writer of this blog, I'm aware that discussions of religion and personal beliefs are not the best way to foster a deep dialogue with readers. I've found it divides, more than it unites. I'm not against it, just aware. And in the interest of not stepping on toes in the religious sense (I am all for stepping on toes in most other senses!), I will hold back from letting you walk alongside me on my analysis of my faith as I make my way through "The Shack."
Anticlimactic? Sorry. I will say that no matter what tenet of faith one fosters, this book as become the kind of read for which I put off doing other things like laundry and making banana bread. The writing is strong, descriptive and precise without being prosy or lengthy. It has so far been metaphorical enough to avoid being directly Christian, inferring that perhaps Young knew that a wider audience would come with being religiously vague.
I highly recommend checking it out from the library (but wait until I'm done with it!)

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