Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Agenda

You may laugh, but I still feel the need to keep an agenda. Like in Grade 7. No, my life is not so full of appointments, schedules, or to-dos and I desperately need some way to keep track of them all. Ha! That's a laugh in Ross River.
But I remind you all that I am an enthusiastic Type-A organizer and writer and my world just makes more sense if I write it down. When pregnancy brain and new-mommy brain took over my organizational prowess, I relied on my daily annotated phone calls to make and forms to fill out and submit on time. Today, I really have no need for it, but there it sits on my desk, reminding me of what's for supper, when to work at the library, when playgroup's on and when to put a birthday card in the mail.
A tarot card reader once told me I have a special ability to take a day's 24 hours and stretch them almost supernaturally. I have always made the absolute most of my time to maximize achievement. When I was going to the country's toughest journalism school, I worked two jobs. While at one job, I would often squeeze in readings, and do phone interviews on my breaks. I went to a 1.5-hour yoga class right before radio class, but both were on campus to ensure no time was lost transporting myself, all before 10 a.m.
I can take a day and fit everything I need to in it, with some space set aside to breathe, bathe, eat and enjoy.
This isn't a skill I have called upon in Ross River, to be sure. Well, I can take a 1.5-hour nap and get dinner made, floors swept and phone calls made, maybe even a laundry load moved from washer to dryer.
Today my agenda reminds me to go to Mother Moose playgroup, pick up the library mail, buy 2 lemons (if the store has any) and some ripe bananas (for bread!), feed the neighbours' cats, watch America's Next Top Model tonight, eat beef and butternut squash stew for dinner, and print up some RRSP forms for our tax appointment next week.


  1. I envy your life. I could use those organizational skills, and I definitely could have used those skills in the country's toughest journalism school, because man, was it tough!

  2. I wish you could come over and organize my day for me. Somehow I never finish what I start. Im definitely type B.


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