Monday, March 29, 2010

Green Surrounding Me

I am not yet surrounded by green, but I am dreaming: the snow will soon melt, the trees will start budding, the mountains will go from grey to brown to green again. In the meantime, facilitating this transition is beautiful, yellow sunlight that is just pouring in my windows and warming the floors, my sleeping cat, my plants and my lasagne, sitting on the counter and waiting to be eaten shortly for dinner.
I am not yet surrounded by green, but I a thinking about it, in the metaphoric, label sense. How green can I be?
- We use CFC light bulbs, except outside, where they freeze and turn purple below -25.
- We use plants instead of air purifiers.
- We use green cleaning products because we know that all things that go down our drain get returned to the soil via our septic pond.
- We use low-flow shower heads, toilet flushers and faucets.
- I sweep rather than use my vacuum every day
- I take out books from the library rather than buy and toss new ones.

I'm sure there are more ways we're green, but this is what I can think of right now. Sometimes living in Ross River and being green is hard:
- There is no recycling program, just a bottle depot.
- The dump is actually a big burning pit.
- We buy products with lots of packaging because oftentimes we order them up by mail, resulting in even more cushioning and labeling.
- There are no garage sales here, no thrift store, so we buy many things new rather than second-hand.

The good news, for the earth and my conscience, is that most of those no-nos will be fixed once we return to Whitehorse. There is even a city-run composting program. I can't wait to see how little garbage we produce then!
That said, I am a true Libra, meaning everything in my life is met with balance. I cannot ever be an extreme this or that. I will never be totally green. I will never be a vegetarian. I will never be a polluting slob. I will never make decisions solely based on environmental impact, when there are so many other things to consider. But I do try, and I rest easy with equilibrium balanced knowing I did my part today to be green.


  1. There's nothing like living in a small community to fully understand your impact. We used to live close to the diesel generator that powered the community. The water tank always let us know how much water we consumed. It was a good experience for us.

  2. I like your balance :)

    Good idea about the sweeping vs vacuuming. I vacuum every day and it never really occured to me it would be greener to sweep. But sweeping just doesn't do it with the 2 cat and 1 dog amount of hair I have on these hardwoods...a swifter works...but I feel like it's a waste of material. i really need to make my own fleece swifter covers!


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