Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Flair for the Dramatic

I knew that the older Abby got, the more I could look back on her first few days and pick out what personality traits have become part of her. The things I could one day identify as being "there since day 1."
In her baby book, I was asked to describe her temperament as a newborn. I wrote: "She is independent, stubborn, a lady all her own."
Still true. A year later, she still can't talk, but it is crystal clear which of her personality traits are here to stay after showing themselves day 1.
Day 1: Abby cried loud and proud, looked around a lot, expressed great displeasure at cold, diaper changes and lying down flat. She didn't want to eat "the normal way", and so we resorted to tube feeding her for about a week while she took her time deciding when to begin latching and breastfeeding.
Today: Abby continues to be very black and white. If she likes something, she loves it, if she does not, she immediately and clearly lets us know. She is not what one would call a "mellow baby." Dramatic, emotional, intense and sensitive- those are all much more fitting descriptors.
As I'm sure any mother would say, I love Abby for who she is, and the person she continues to grow into. There are times when I certainly wish she were a little less intense and dramatic. Like yesterday, wen we took her to her friend's first birthday and my Abby was throwing fits, throwing toys, pouting and sulking. She was greatly displeased at not having a full nap, and she clearly let us know. She was greatly enthused by the birthday cake, macaroni and strawberries, though, and she also let us know how appreciated these foods were by opening her eyes wide like saucers and loudly proclaiming, "Oooh! Oooo!"
She is sometimes socially the odd baby out, doing her own crying thing, or pouting, or wanting to roll on the floor with a red, teary face instead of playing with the wooden blocks. But I love this about her. She is un-apologetically herself. I hope that as she keeps growing into the blue-eyed beauty of a lady that she will keep being sensitive, emotional, dramatic, intense and cuddly.
She is my Abby, and I ask for no more and no less.

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