Monday, March 8, 2010


My Facebook status today reads, "may or may not have had a billion Cheezies after a whole day eating clean. Balance?"
I usually try to keep a good balance, with just about everything in my life. I am a true Libra. I eat enough but not too much, sleep enough but not too much, sing and dance and laugh and sigh and cry and kiss enough but not too much.
Two recent revelations that have rocked my world (small as it may be up here!) and have contributed to my ability and motivation to eat cleaner. I don't ave the cookbook, I don't read the website (though that I could do), but I like the name. Eat clean. Simple. Bam!
Revelation #1: Debbie Mayer Green Bags
Usually, the first week after a grocery haul in Whitehorse sees us eating produce like rabbits before it goes bad. This follows nearly a month where fruits and veggies have come from the freezer, cans or the Dena store and all of our mouths greedily salivate for fresh strawberries and pineapple. But now, there are green bags. My friend in Faro recommended them and so far they are awesome. I have baby spinach and strawberries in green bags that are still fresh as the day I bought them over a week ago! This means we can eat fresh food for more than one measly week a month! Yahoo!
Revelation #2: Growing food
I know this is a revelation that ancient humans made some 3000 years ago, but I've always been a little slow with trends. And to be honest, anything I've ever grown in a pot or in soil has died. So the indoor herb garden that is basically idiot-proof that I got for Christmas has now produced fresh basil, thyme, oregano, mint and dill for us since December. I got a new pack of seeds that should sprout anytime in the next week. But then I got really crazy and thought, hey, I can grow food all by myself too! So I put some baby spinach seeds into some Miracle Grow in some pots in my kitchen and now they have sprouted into baby spinach plants with so much promise! Imagine, eating fresh spinach right off a plant in my kitchen. Magic.
So now our house has a fridge full of yummy fresh produce, our meal plan for the week is balanced, filling and healthy, and my belly is somehow digesting like 2 pounds of Cheezies from last night because hey, it's all OK in moderation right? (And by moderation I mean 2 pounds of Cheezies every 2 months is OK)

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  1. sounds like a plan- your green bags and growing of spinach and such. Smart and resourceful!


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