Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bi-polar baby

I think Rich is a better mommy than am I.
I left for three glorious by-myself days in Whitehorse. It was a trip of necessity: groceries were needed, the car's oil was changed. But rather than make it a family trip in, I volunteered to fly solo. A five hour drive singing at the top of my lungs listening to any music I wanted. Stopping when it so pleased me. Staying in a jacuzzi suite and waking up to my own dreams, rather than a baby monitor squawking at me. A facial at the spa, with no babies waiting on me in car seats, no nap times to schedule around. I had a dinner out past her bedtime, I went to the Sourdough Rendezvous winter carnival. I leisurely sipped chai in cafes, talking to strangers and reading until I wanted to leave. It was blissfully unscheduled and liberating.
I spent the majority of my trip by myself, and though this felt weird to me, being in a social hub like Whitehorse, I needed it.
I wonder, though, if it was better for Abby than for me. She didn't cry, didn't throw tantrums, didn't look at her Daddy and cry.
When I returned, her behaviour started up again: crying whenever she saw me, clawing at my legs. Whereas for the last few days she'd played well, independently, contentedly.

1 comment:

  1. They are always better behaved with those they spend less time with it seems!

    Sounds like a glorious weekend. I had a weekend alone too but nearly as productive. So very refreshing at any rate...


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