Monday, February 15, 2010


Today's cure for boredom is going outside: It's February, which means the days are longer, the temperature is comparably balmy (I sometimes don't even wear a coat outside! So there!), and the sun is out. Not just skirting the horizon anymore but up and out and giving me blue skies and bright lights, necessitating the use of sunglasses for the first time in months!
Yesterday for Valentine's Day, Rich and I got a babysitter and hit the slopes on a skidoo for two. It was Ross River-romantic to hug onto his waist and zoom down the North Canol Highway, stopping to look at beautiful views (of which there are many), check out cabins and giggle with each other.
Today, Abby, Skylar (our OCD, horse-poop eating retriever) and my neighbour set out on a sunny Sawmill Road walk to let the fresh air kiss us all over. Then after lunch I hitched the babe in my MEC backpack to deliver a loaf of bread to yesterday's babysitter to pay her in grain, her currency of choice. Then we stopped in to visit Daddy at work and then smile in the sun for a little bit longer before the princess had to take her nap. And now I sit in a quiet house with a couple of windows cracked open, staring at the beautiful hill from my front window, watching birds who have recently reemerged from their frigid nests to celebrate the slow oncoming of warmer weather with me.


  1. Nice. I'm in Ross River right now and you make me wish I was outside enjoying all that sunny sunshine!

  2. Wahoo to great weather! It was so sunny and gorgeous here yesterday (much warmer I'm sure...not bragging :P ) We went for a nice long walk, but no neighbors to visit or bread to deliver (sigh) the joys of living in a city and hating your neighbors grrr.

  3. I love how you make your "everyday" something special and remarkable. And how sweet that you and Rich were able to escape...I'm sure it was a very much needed date. It must be hard to find a sitter in RR.

  4. I'm here until Friday for work-related stuff. I'll be walking around later today and most of tomorrow. Maybe see you then!


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