Sunday, February 7, 2010

Moving on up

We've got the almost-official word from the gods that be in the RCMP (ha!) that we are moving back to Whitehorse this spring.
We originally wanted to live in another small community after Ross River: the savings are substantial, the small-town life is serene, the family time is seemingly infinite and the access to wildlife and nature from my backyard is wonderful. Then, we had our second set of medical-emergency issues in the fall and that changed everything. Or, rather, it was the catalyst that saw everything fall into place for our new plan to move to Whitehorse: Rich will have more variety in job advancement and experience, we will have immediate access to hospital care, we will live in a more populated area, giving Abby more exposure to other kids, new activities.
The idea of owning our own home has an appeal too. It was always a far-away dream to choose our own counter tops and paint the walls any colour we want. Now, it's just happening sooner rather than later.
And I am daunted. I always thought that "amortization" and "variable mortgage" were terms I'd need to define when I was a grown up. I am depressed at the notion that one day, we will sign our hard-earned savings away as a down payment, but get nothing in return, except for a continuing loan needing to be repaid. How sad!
But from that point on, it will be our own: our own walls to be dented by excited Abby, our own carpet to be hairball-ed upon by Goober, our own cupboards to be ransacked by a curious toddler. With owning a home will come a greater responsibility we have so far dodged, because we'll be on the line for fixing a broken furnace, an old roof, a leaky faucet. And I am very aware that come winter time, those heating bills will come to our mailbox and require our painful submission of hundreds of hard-earned dollars. (Unlike now, when those extras are capital-F Free!)
I am excited to see what comes on the housing market this spring. Will we find our dream home? Will we be able to afford it? Will Abby love it? Will it be safe and comfy and move-in ready? (We are definitely not "handy" people). This change excites me and I feel ready for it.
And just imagine: If I run out of a food staple, I can drive five minutes, as opposed to five hours, to replace it!


  1. I don't know how you do it food wise. I have always dreamed of living outside the "box" in a wood cabin away from the hustle and bustle...but I am always so bamboozled with the food situation (you are probably the one who brought that to my attention, with your lack of avocado's and other fresh produce ;) hehee) I try to meal plan on a weekly basis and admire those that meal plan a month in advance. You must sort of do it MONTHS (plural) in advance, or at least get creative with some meals when getting close to a shopping event. And then also the big haul shopping days. You are my hero for sure when it comes to making it work in a wee town with fresh food being 5 hours away!

    I'm so excited for you guys and the adventures of buying home and will just live out my home owning dream through you ;)

  2. yikes! I'm terrified of the day that we are in a small community posting and I suddenly get a craving for something like guacamole or something exotic.
    But really- this is exciting news that you guys will soon be off on another adventure

  3. Good luck with the house hunting! I saw this article earlier this week and thought of you guys:


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