Thursday, February 18, 2010

Love Affair

When I look at my week ahead, I usually dread the days when I know Rich will be away at work for most or all of it, meaning I'm left to entertain an increasingly curious baby by myself. Those days just feel so long. We go from kitchen to living room, to hall way to bedroom, over and over, spiced up with a walk and meal times. Same thing over and over again. We go from shaking toys to climbing things, to throwing blocks and hugging dolls. Not to mention how I lament making meals with a little one crawling up my leg, using itty-bitty nails on my ankles, pleading with me to just pick her up, and probably feed her something.
Today was one such day, as Rich was on a training course in the next town over from early morning to late at night. I planned to drive Abby 45 minutes to Faro to visit our friends and go to playgroup, so that's how we started the day. That little lady always fights the car seat, hating to be harnessed at five points, flinging the milk and cheerios I so kindly gave her. (We usually stop 10 minutes into the drive once she's less angry so I can re-distribute her treats).
Today the sun was glowing orange over the mountains and the road lent itself to being cruised upon. The sun was at my back, not in my eyes nor Abby's. The best songs were coming on the radio, and Abby even Zenned herself out, content to stare out the window at the magnificent view. It was such a happy ride, I even smiled!
We had fun playing at our friend's house and walking down to playgroup. She threw toys and climbed structures and "shared" things and became fascinated by a pretend banana, spending 20 minutes trying to figure out how to open it.
The drive back Abby conked out, I listened to the 90s station to reminisce about grade five afternoons spent listening to the Top 40, and my belly was full of delicious lunch. Abby napped a bit longer when we got home, long enough for me to prepare dinner. Then we played with her musical instrument toys, fed the cats next door and packed our dinner for the library, where I had to work tonight.
Now she sleeps soundly and deeply after her busy day of discovering.
Today was such an enjoyable day! Not one to be passed through, checked off and moved on from. I loved spending the day with my favourite little buddy. And she was content to do the same with me (except for bum changes and putting on her fleece suit).
I feel like I did when I was a teenager and would fall in love with someone. Flighty, elated, airy, blissful, serene. I feel in love with being Abby's mom again today.

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