Friday, February 12, 2010


When I was just finished second year, my two best friends and I traveled together to Greece. It was the trip of a lifetime. Never again will we be so carefree, so vivacious, so young, so spirited. We lived on Santorini with my aunt and island hopped before finishing the trip in Athens. We showered with buckets of water. We stayed out until the bakeries opened before dawn, stumbling home with day-old cheese pies in our hands. We ate like queens, we flirted, we swam, we toured, we fell in love with each other in a whole new way (in a hetero way, don't get any raunchy college-girl ideas).
We left with forever's worth of memories, beautiful pictures, stories to retell until we are gray old ladies and a few cheesy souvenirs that we could afford. (Except for the gold earrings we got thanks to my aunt's connections!)
The idea of a trip, of travel to a land with great history, intrigue and beauty takes me far and away in a minute, lost on a thought tangent that leaves me with closed eyes, inhaled breath and a dreamy smile. I would love to travel. I'd love to travel with Rich. I'd love to take tours, climb things, swim in new places, and make out with him in front of beautiful foreign sunsets.
These thoughts take me away, leave me Googling dreams for hours.
And as much as I could make it work with a growing family, I think I'll tuck these dreams away for later. When it's back to being just the two of us. Our re-honeymoons. I don't want to make travel work. I want to drink it greedily and let it take me over. I don't want to be responsible for any little faces, even if I love them with all my heart. I want to throw caution, dignity and care to the winds of a different land.
Here's where we're going to go one day, something to keep us winking and squeezing each other's hands until that far away day when we jet off together:
1- Italy
2- Germany
3- France
4- Chile
5- Fiji
6- Thailand
Tonight, I sail away to wherever the Sandman takes me.

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  1. Italy is first on our list too. So is France and England.Then the Philippines and Japan. Someday just like you I hope that Winslow and I can do some travelling.


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