Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 27!

Happy birthday babe!
My Rich turns 27 today. I've missed his last 2 birthdays (the 2 since we've been married!) so I'm making up for it this year. Two years ago I was on the trail covering the Yukon Quest dogsled race. It was amazing. In fact, this year's race was just won in record time by Whitehorse musher Hans Gatt! And then last year I missed his birthday driving my mum back to the Whitehorse airport after her 3-week stay. She flew up 5 days after Abby's birth and was a GODSEND. I can still remember how terrified I was to walk away from the airport with a 4-week old baby in my arms wondering how I would ever manage the drive back by myself.
Anyhow, this year his birthday falls on Mardi Gras! So I'll have to make sure I flash him. Abby and I woke him up singing Happy Birthday. Then he opened his cards and a little gift (*his big gift was a new Columbia mid-cold jacket for the -5 to -20 days). Then I sent him to work with cupcakes decorated with Rs and 27s, which he then dropped on his way into work. Oh well, I have 12 more! Then we're having lunch with his buds at the restaurant, he gets to come home and watch Mens Hockey Game #1 (go Canada!) and have his fave dinner: potato-bacon tort and apple crisp (with a candle in it!).
Then I will leave him alone to play xBox because that is what he loves to do, but gets grief for the other 364 days of the year.
Happy birthday Rich!


  1. Awwww Sarah you are one sweetie of a wifey....tell me, is there actually a restaurant in RR and what do they serve? Tell me it's not the one that you went to for your anniversary...the one where the teens couldn't remember your order!

  2. There is for sure only one restaurant and it was indeed the one we celebrated our first anniversary at! Today's waitress never took drink orders, so we all passed around a water bottle. They serve greasy spoon type stuff burgers and sandwiches. Sometimes. Today they were out of lettucs and bacon so no clubs!

  3. ahahahah The part about flashing your husband really made me giggle tonight! Love it!

    Happy Birthday Rich! Sounds like a perfect birthday.


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