Friday, January 15, 2010

Top Ten

My imaginary friend (only because I've never met her in real life!) tagged my beloved blog as one of her faves because it makes her happy! Thanks!
And since such an honour has been bestowed on me, I must oblige with a list of my 10 favourite things. I have way more than 10 but here are my faves, in ranking order!
A relationship that began with a terrified me staring at a screaming 5-pound baby who looked like an old man-alien mix has blossomed into a beautiful blood-thick one that runs deep as well and wide as an ocean. She became much more adorable, is the apple of my eye, my best buddy, my cooking partner, my morning wakeup and the occupier of 80% of my thoughts. She is an angel, a beautiful little baby and she has enough personality and sass to last at least until she's 16, which I love.
2) Rich
He is my partner on my life's adventures, and I couldn't have asked for better. I thank my lucky stars for him every day. He's my real life hero, my balance, my morality check, and my best friend. He makes me feel like the best version of myself, he is a fantastic father and I've yet to meet anyone in this world who isn't a fan of his. Very high praise.
3) Yoga
Has taken on a whole new ranking spot in my life the last year. It is my grounding, my calm, my peace, my reminder to take it easy, my chiropractor, my sanity and my pause. I highly recommend it. :)
4) Trips home
These are few and far between, and I often spend months doing a countdown, getting excited, and planning what I'll do, where I'll eat, who I'll see. I love rushing into someone's arms at the airport after a long, harrowing day or two of travel, and filling up all my time with talks, walks, tea, visits and city life.
5) Mail
I love getting mail. Specifically, packages. Whether for my birthday, Christmas or just because, I love getting parcels in the mail. Even if it's something I've ordered myself, I love getting a box in the mail with my name on it. It's a small thrill, but a significant one.
6) Tea
A good cup of tea can only be made better when shared with a good friend, in a beautiful setting, on a cold day after a good meal. On its own, it is the solution to most of life's problems. My favourite is a decaf chai with milk and sugar. Frothy milk a plus.
7) Book stores
Especially ones that serve teas in them. I could lose myself for a weekend in a bookstore. I am always fascinated by what I don't know, and bookstores are full of inspiration, advice, things to add to my life's "to do" list, memoirs, stories, and pages that hold words I need to hear right at that moment in my life. Libraries are fun, but the thrill of seeing bookstore displays, comfy chairs, selection and the smell of new books lend themselves to an ambiance no library can match.
8) Food
This is vague, I know. I love discovering food through cooking it, understanding how flavours and ingredients work together, tasting something made with love, to perfection, that just "hits the spot", you know? I love cheese, chocolate mousse and pineapples the best. The best meal ever, in my humble opinion, is therefore a Hawaiian pizza at Colonnade Pizza in Ottawa with a chocolate cake for dessert. Mmmm.
9) Writing
I don't think often about how much I love writing, or how important it is to me. It hardly even registers as a to-do anymore, because it is just such a part of me. I have to write. It gives me clarity, it satisfies an urge to express using the perfect words. It hardly matters whether I am paid to do it or not: if there is a story to tell, a lesson to share or a thought process that needs to get out on paper, I am ready and willing, pen in hand.
10) Walks in Ross River
I can already sense that this will be what I miss most about this crazy town when we move this spring. Summer or winter, I love heading out, especially down Sawmill Road, alongside the Pelly River, among the birds and wildlife, as Abby sings and yells happily from her stroller. Rich and I have had great talks on our walks, and my neighbour Michelle and I have too. I come home revitalized, freshened, with a minimal dose of Vitamin D to perk me up.

So there you have it. That was a fun exercise to do!

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