Sunday, January 31, 2010

One year down

Hold the phone: they keep on having birthdays? Really? And each year they get bigger?
I understand the time-growth continuum, and logically grasp the concept of age, but yesterday I really understood that each year Abby will have a birthday, and be bigger than the last, and keep on doing this until she is an actual grown up person!
I felt immense pride bringing in her cake while we all sang Happy Birthday to her. It is a mom's job, and I did it because I'm her mom. That concept still weirds me out a bit too. Also, they should really include a cake-decorating chapter in all parent books because it turns out that tere is an unwritten expectation and pressure that a mom will create te best birthday cake ever for a first birthday: it must be delicious and it must be decorated with skill and flair. I became intimidated when Googling ideas and sifting through images of other Baby's 1st Birthday cake designs. Just last week our friend created a dump truck replica cake, how impressive!
Abby loves Lady Gaga with a bum-scooting, arms-flailing passion, and so I made her a Lady Gaga carrot cake. Not a 3D version of her face, goodness gracious I'm not there yet. (I still impress myself with making a cake from scratch, isn't that enough?). I made a round cake and then stayed up entirely too late Friday night designing and drawing Lady Gaga's face into the cream cheese icing using a toothpick, boiled chocolate icing, and my finger (don't tell!). Then I was buzzing on all the icing I consumed and was up way too late.
But it was a hit! The Lady Gaga cake now goes down in legend. And my baby girl turned one. And I find myself grappling with the intangible concept that she is set to continue growing and developing at an alarming rate before my very eyes.
Happy birthday my special little lady!

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  1. Oh Sarah you must be so proud of little Abby and all that she has done in her first year. I hope that you are proud of yourself too. I've so enjoyed reading all of your posts about Abby as she has made her way through her first year and have really come to admire you as a mother. Happy birthday Miss Abby!


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