Friday, January 15, 2010

Not bored!

Unremarkably, today's cures for boredom are finding a solution to being uncomfortably engorged (that does not involve cabbage leaves, they're all out at the Dena store), and watching Season 1 of Lost with Rich. I had watched the first couple episodes a few years ago and had so many questions, was so intrigued, that I knew I couldn't possibly follow along until there were some definite answers. The writers announced that 2010 would be the last season (they needed to know when it would finish so they could essnetially fill in the blanks until then). So, for Christmas Rich got seasons 1-3 and we are off! So far my thoughts: there are some beautiful stranded people and I could probably watch it on mute, I can't believe I'm watching a slightly sci-fi show, and I spend the rest of the day trying to figure it out, so it must be intriguing!
Also have spent the last couple of days pressing frozen green beans onto my chest, drinking sage tea (disgusting!) and taking decongestants (I read somewhere it would help. Nope). Oh well, we head into town Monday so if les filles are still engorged by then I'll pull some cabbage leafs on IN the grocery store. Until then, please telepathically ask Abby to stop banging her head against my chest while having tantrums, reading books or being picked up. Ouch.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Sarah! Not sure how I'll do it when the day comes.
    And...I have awarded you with a happy blog award cause your blog makes me happy! Its like a tag idea, check out my blog to see how it works. Hope you'll join in.


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