Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Misty-eyed observer

Today's cure for boredom is simply watching her: In a few short days Abby will be one year old. The super-sonic speed of time passing astounds me today as I realize these yearly milestones are apt to zoom by in a flurry of memories and events to be sorted out at a later date. I am appalled that on the days where Abby is perfectly content and giggly, time goes by even faster as we scoot from room to room discovering cords, cutlery, and carpet fluffs. Even after a week has passed, though, all the seemingly long, dragged-out days with a crying, teething baby don't seem so bad.
I wish someone was taping all our moments so that when I miss Abby's baby days, I can sit and watch them all over again, remembering my swelling pride as she mimics words and learns to crawl.
Each morning, I wait for her nap time so that I can eat a balanced meal, get dressed, write and cross off an errand or two on my list. But I start to get antsy after an hour, missing her, waiting to hear her soft little voice on the monitor, telling me she is waiting for me to come scoop her up.
Abby makes me laugh when she does adult things with her little bitty body (like pushing her arms and head through a shirt), she makes me sing when she is getting bored or needs a distraction, and she makes me dance when she jumps and grins her toothy smile. God bless baby girls. :)

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