Monday, January 4, 2010

January is not a month for wearing spandex, thank goodness

Today's cure for boredom has been making the mistake of glancing in the full-length mirror in our bedroom while exchanging my many layers of clothing for pajamas. I was surprised: where did that muffin top come from? And when did my hips become a comical upside-down triangle?
I am not one to harp on my body. Nay, it has done some amazing things and continues to surprise me as I improve my yoga practice, wean little Abby and enjoy its uses with Rich. (Sorry if that grosses family members out. No censorship here!)
But I don't like to see it in disrepair. I'm not ill, I'm not in any pain that requires me to coddle and care for my body. Weeks of -40 have meant I have not been getting out for good, sweaty walks. And weeks of Christmas baking, and giving in to boxes of chocolates people brought as hostess gifts has not been wise. Ergo, the muffin top and hip takeover. So today, I step up my yoga, do the hard DVDs (they feel way better in the end but takes some perseverance to get there!). And when Rich is home from work, I will bundle up, scuffle over to the police detachment, de-layer downstairs in the basement gym and do a gentle-on-the-joints but intense uphill power-walking. That oughta help.
And now that Abby is almost fully weaned, I suppose I don't get that extra allowance of food or calories in a day. Bummer! Healthy food choices, spaced out, lots more water (I tend to skimp on that), and making sure I eat some meat every day. I have found nothing supplements the protein and iron of a good chicken breast or steak, for me. (I loathe lentils and eat beans when I must).
Any comrades in health are welcome to share motivation!

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