Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blue's demands

Sometimes he's here and sometimes he's not. Sometimes he sleeps beside me, sometimes he's out fighting crime. More often than not, he misses dinner time at the table with his girls, and sometimes, if I'm lucky, he is awake to share the morning with us.
There's a guy that lives in our house but he's in and out, wearing blue, and sometimes I want Ross River to give him back.
He works very hard, and when they need him, he's there. He misses bath time and playtime and reading. Lunchtime is often a dance around Abby's high chair as I satiate her needs with food bits cut into little pieces while I try to make my own lunch in between her bites, sighing, wishing he was home to help.
Going to bed with the orange salt rock lamp turned on, I wish he was in there with me. Instead, I leave the light on so that at whatever hour he rolls in, he can see where he's going as he quietly tries to slip in unnoticed.
He makes the most of his time here and cuddles and plays and bangs toys with Abby. And I usually get a kiss on my cheek and an apologetic look as her laces up his boots and heads out again.
Today I miss my husband and wonder when is next day "off" might be...


  1. it takes a very strong woman to be so supportive of her partner's demanding career. R's job is probably just a bit easier only because he has you and you support backing him up.

  2. How sweet, Johanna. Thank you! And right back atcha, Mrs Mountie


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