Sunday, January 10, 2010

The blahs attack

I've never been one to hold back my experiences, thoughts and updates unless it would be tacky, tactless or inappropriate to do so. I wavered on today's topic, wondering if it would be too off-putting or whiny, but if that's the case that still does not meet my exclusion criteria.
That said, I fully recognize that I have post-weaning blues. Not a depression, more of a funk, or "the blahs" as I like to call them. I just want to sleep, I just want to stuff my face with junk food, and wallow in a state of almost-crying, and certain self-pity. Nothing in particular makes me feel sad, there is no problem or issue needing fixing, I just feel blah. Sedentary, sequestered and sleepy.
I had read that this could happen after weaning Abby, and I'm glad I could recognize it almost as soon as it began a few days ago. Saves a lot of anguish and arguing if I can tell poor Rich that no, I'm not really crying because he forgot to turn the TV off. I'm just crying, for no real reason at all except a hormonal imbalance.
I hope this doesn't last too long. Can anyone tell me if it does?
Poor Abby is sick with a wicked nose cold. She woke up with dried baby boogies all over herself and her crib, with puffy, teary eyes. She has been extra-cuddly, cries whenever she's uncomfortable (which is whenever she is not being cuddled), and to top things off the poor thing is all confused that when she nuzzles into my chest, there is no comforting breastmilk, and that sends her off all over again. That does make me feel sad and justifiably so, but we trek on, and I try my best to offer her as many hugs and cuddles as she wants, and lots of water and milk to drink.
Any mama knows a sick baby tugs at your heartstrings and wears you out, so I factor that into my blahs too. I hope we all feel better soon!
In the meantime, my Rx is: going outside for walks, lots of liquids, fruits and veggies, good sweaty yoga every night, and curling on the couch by myself watching mindless TV when warranted.


  1. This too shall past ;)

    We aren't there, but I am very glad to know I could go through a PBF depression like state (not that I am saying you are depressing) or "the blahs" I had no idea, and I am SURE it will hit me.

    Feel better Abby, I hope your cold is gone quickly!

  2. Thanks Callista! Every day gets a little better. :) Kisses for Skyla!


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