Monday, December 21, 2009

Sparks to brighten the short days

I am heartily enjoying a good batch of Nicholas Sparks books Rich got for my birthday in October. I requested them knowing that I'd be in for a good cry, run into his arms for a hug after each one, and believe in the magic of true love over and over again. I read The Choice and just today I finished The Lucky One. Both had twist endings and shocking outcomes that made me well up as predicted and reach other to the other end of the couch where Rich sat, to grab his hand in mine. He looked at me with a smile and confusion (wondering no doubt if I was about to ask him to clean a bathroom or something).
I know the Notebook is everyone's guarantee cry-movie and A Walk to Remember is as sappy as they come. I haven't yet seen or read A Night in Rodanthe, but it's on my list. Oh, Nicholas Sparks. I can't get over how well he writes, especially with a woman's voice. I always feel transported to whatever small Carolina town he has chosen as the setting, and now I believe it must be a magic seaside state where true love and magical encounters triumph over tragedy on a regular basis.
These books, as well as Three Weeks With My Brother (the next Sparks book I have on my shelf), were a wonderful gift from the hubs. And just yesterday he agreed to let me order a beautiful solid wood book case from Sears to fill with even more literary treasures, as our current DVD shelf will become little miss Abby's bookshelf in her room, host to her own growing collection. Her favourite book right now is Karen Katz' In Grandma's Arms. I am asked to read it like 20 times a day.
Today is the shortest day, and my thermometer outside my window reads -40, but with a good book, hot chocolate and three smiley Nimans, this house is a warm place to have cabin fever!

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