Sunday, December 27, 2009


Right now all I can hear is the hum of the furnace blowing warmed up air through our north of 60 home. It is a beautiful, almost meditative sound. The last few days saw Christmas blow through our house with excitement, chaos, sugar, ringing telephones and Christmas carols. The boxes are now at the dump, our baking plates are down to the bare bones, the piles of generous gifts are dwindling as they get sorted into their new rightful places and the new clothes have all been washed.
It is so wonderful to have some time to reflect on how lucky I am to have had a lovely Christmas with my family, the one of which I am the new matriarch. Rich and I got to be in charge of setting the stage for Christmas, playing Santa and ensuring that little Abby had a wonderful experience ripping paper, banging new blocks and reading new books. It felt so special to be her mum for Christmas.
I hope everyone else can enjoy such a pause to reflect on the blessings around us.
Abby and I will be loading up the new hiking backpack my mum sent us from MEC to go and appreciate the winter beauty of the hills around us on a beautiful, mild December day.

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  1. is it finally mild enough to go outside? yay!
    sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. I understand you sentiments regarding being the one to make Christmas special for the little ones.


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