Thursday, December 31, 2009

Onwards and upwards 2010!

I am one of those people who makes new years resolutions, and think the people who don't are a little bah-humbug. It's a great time of year to start fresh: Christmas has just come and shown us all how lucky we are to have what we have, the quiet and cold of winter has caused us to hunker down, hibernate and reflect. It's a simple time of year, and I love that. I give simplicity a big hug.
My new years resolution last year was to be healthy. At the time I was thinking about losing baby weight postpartum, but it ended up helping me realize the value of taking CARE of my body as I nurtured a little life into being and into growth.
This year my resolution is to spend money wisely. Living in the North, in a small community, has meant that we have seen lots of money come in. Lots has been saved, debts have all been paid off, and we lived without financial concern- a real treat after university!
BUT we also didn't budget. We always had money. Bills got paid. I realize this is not reality and we most certainly won't live like this forever. In fact, as soon as we move from Ross River, and then eventually from the Yukon, it'll be back to reality.
So starting in January I will set a budget: track were our money goes, save everything we can, and be more frugally mindful about our purchases (especially online!!) Every month we get groceries and supplies in town and this is expensive, but necessary. It's the little things, the perhaps UNnecessary things we need to watch.
So I start the new year offering great thanks for all we have, all the money living here has afforded us, and the wisdom and humility to know to spend it wisely.


  1. Great resolution. We try to stick to a cash budget and it really works well, for the most part. I also do ALOT of online window shopping now, rather than actually buying ;) hahaa.

    Definitely take advantage of the flowing income right now, the savings for a house of your own outside the yukon will be well worth it!

  2. Good luck with your budget! We have been strict followers of having a budget since we were married.


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