Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Land of Nod

Save for when grizzly bears charge me and my family, I think they are a very wise creature: this is definitely the time of year for sleep. Evidence: The five hours of "daylight" (when the sun up here skirts the horizon, stays a warm orange, recedes to pink and is gone by 3:00), the plethora of comfort foods and baking, the frigid temperatures out doors, the abundance of cozy blankets on couches, fleece jammies and warm cups of tea around my house.
So here is a list of some of my own historical sleeping places:
1) The single, white-painted bed I grew up in with antique spiral springs. This bed hosted many a jumping Sarah, many a dramatic heaves of my body as I burst into tears at the injustice of it all, many a story time, and many a slumber as I grew.
2) My teenager bed. I got the frame second hand and the mattress new when I turned 13 and got my own bedroom. I remember begging my parents for a double or queen because I was getting taller and needed more space. But secretly, it was because I new that when I was older I'd want to hide a boy in there. Oh Lord, I hope Abby is a little more tame than me. It came with me when I moved into my first apartment when I was 20, into the heat-box, teeny-tiny place for two above Dalhousie storefronts.
3) My adult bed. Rich's parents got it for us after our engagement when we moved in together in the Glebe. It's a beautiful queen-size with a pillow-top mattress and a rattan headboard she let me pick out. Unfortunately, the headboard was too tall to line up with the bed frame, so our bed just keeps it up against the wall. It's a nice high bed that Skylar couldn't jump up to as a puppy. But on those winter nights when Rich was working overnight in Whitehorse, I invited her up to keep me company. I really love this bed and since it is our marriage bed I won't go into more detail about what it has bear witness to. Cheeky me!
The little lady is now waking up from her nap in her own cherry wood sleigh bed. Tata!

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