Sunday, December 20, 2009

Falalalala Lalalala

There is no way I could proceed through Christmas time without being warmed by the contagious aura of the holidays. It would be impossible for me to sulk during a beautiful winter walk through a frosted white forest with my beautiful baby babbling words to me from her stroller seat. I'd be hard pressed to find a reason to pout at my nearly-nuclear Christmas tree (Rich loooooves the lights, to excess), adorned with family-given ornaments, towering over a mountain of gifts. And now that my kitchen counter is covered wit plates of cookies, fudge and gingerbread men, I can find no cause to be forlorn.
Christmastime and the spirit around it have lifted me up and given me all kinds of reasons to celebrate, drink, eat, and be merry with those around me. It's a week away. We spent most of this weekend with Christmas movies on the TV in the background, baking browning in the oven, with the dim light of the Christmas tree, Christmas hallway night lights, window lights and the strand we strung in the dining room plant casting a serene glow.
Abby has taken great delight in playing with a strand of silver Christmas bells, and bum-scooting her way closer and closer to the tree, trying to reach out and nab an ornament or light before mummy catches on and scoops her away.
When it's warmer than -30 outside, we bundle up head to toe and walk Skylar outside, making sure to stop by the post office to collect our Christmas cards from lovely friends and family around the country. That reminds me, I have a tin of shortbread cookies to deliver to the Colwell family later today, or maybe tomorrow if it warms up (it's -35 today!).
We may be far from family, and we may live in a freezing kind of winter wonderland, but the love in our house is enough to warm our hearts and hands as we prepare to celebrate our first family Christmas as a threesome!

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