Thursday, November 5, 2009

White and blue.

It's the time of year when everything comes in shades of white and blue. White snow on the ground reflecting blue cloudy light. Blue comes in my window, blue makes my skin look pale. Blue first thing in the morning. A night sky reflects off white snow making the whole world a deep sea blue. Blue when the lights are turned off, blue through the gray blinds.
White noise on the monitor, white noise from the furnace. White on the fir trees and mountains, white on my truck needs to be scraped off. White when we exhale outside, white on everything we left outside. White frost decorating everything. Our gray house camouflages in this blue and white collage.
White covers blue at the shore, where all but a sliver of the river still flows.
White when we go for our walks, needing sunglasses even though the sun hides behind the white and blue too.
White and blue when the sun sets at 5:00, white and blue when it rises at 8.
White and blue for six more months! Then yellow and green are back!

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