Sunday, November 15, 2009

So in love

I am fascinated, it's like watching the world's most intricate machine operate, smoothly, well-oiled and beautiful.
Little fingers moving to pick up tiny things, little fists shaking her toys, a round face lights up at the rattle of it all.
Big, bright blue eyes, scanning her toy box looking for exactly what she wants.
Her mouth in an "Oooh", eyebrows raised, arms flapping because she found her big bird shaker.
She picks out a book, and waves it towards me, with a big gummy grin. I open the pages and she pats them, squeals, patiently lets me turn the pages as I read.
She opens her mouth wide and sticks out her soft wet tongue when I announce it's time for "kisses!" She delights and yells when she feels my mama lips kiss her mouth.
She lifts her arms up making her armpits as free and available as ever as I move in, my own arms outstretched, to pick her up and dance.
A goofy grin with a wide-open mouth as we shimmy and bounce to the Beatles (her favourite). Fart sounds from her mouth in response to a goofy face I make.
She is intricately operating, developing and growing, each morning's model more advanced than the one before.
She is my baby and I made her and I couldn't be more proud of my science experiment's daily successes.

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