Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not Feeling Groovy

The Niman house has been struck by the flu. Who knows which one. It's the one that sucks. I maybe should be eating my words but I still don't buy into the whole swine flu hoopla. Not to disrespect families who have lost people to the h1n1 virus, because that is tragic. But I am as yet unconvinced its the worldwide pandemic panic its being chalked up to be.
Well, me and my high and mighty medical expertise have been riding the couch, sufferring from general blah-ness, weak, sore throat, sniffles and a fever. Boo! Abby has been a good sport and as enjoyed staying in our jammies all day watching movies and cuddling. And she loves sampling the soups, broths and smoothies that have constituted my menu. Just because she loves me so much, she even slept 14 hours to give me some respite and rest. Best baby EVER! :)
Rich went and got the shots yesterday (flu and piggy) but I think it was too late: the sweats, headaches and blahs have hit him too. He talks a lot in his feverish dreams, in case anyone's interested.
Today I woke up feeling a bit better, I think because I slept and didn't spend the night struggling to breathe through a sore, swollen throat. So now I am watching over a big pot of chili I put together while Abby napped, packed with enough garlic and chili powder to blow this flu right out of us. In the interim, Rich and I have made a major dent in season 3 of Heroes while we have been couch-surfing.
Other than the overriding feeling like guano, sometimes a forced hibernation is just what the doctor ordered. Snuggles for everyone!

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  1. I hope you all get better. Enjoy lots of hot drinks and tasty soups. Oh and lot's of rest.


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