Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm Borrrrrred

And under this whiney theme I started this blog. Today I am back were I started: bored. Abby and I aren't going for hour-long hikes anymore, because she starts to whine and cry, perhaps because of the cold, or because she's older now and the novelty of a walk wears off much quicker than before. Our after-dinner walks are no longer daily, but whenever we feel like it: it takes longer to dress in our woolies and toques than it does to walk the lighted streets down to the river and back. The scenery is dark, save for what the yellow street lights illuminate, so Abby is less than thrilled by this adventure.
She naps regularly, and that gives our day some structure. I can bake, clean, write and read when she's napping. Or nap myself, if I feel so inclined. (This gray weather sometimes prompts me so). When she's up we circulate from play mat to exersaucer to crawling on the kitchen floor or reading books in her room.
Summer was just so much more fun, and fall gave such visual stimulus as to keep us occupied all afternoon.
Now, we are our own best resource. This makes me proud and also bored. Some days just lend themselves to boredom and blah, don't they? Those are the days when I guiltily pop in a Baby Signs DVD, or turn on So You Think You Can Dance and let my baby stare at the screen. mouth hung open, brain cells rotting. On the good days though, we read and sing and dance and practice walking (thus far she is lazy and has no interest in moving herself trough walking, crawling or anything else).
That said, some of my best days are spent watching her discover her toys, her hands, teeny fluffs on the carpet. It's fascinating! And maybe I get nothing done, nothing crossed off a list, but she knows in those moments that her mama loves her and her world is continually ready to amaze her.
If you have any ideas of what I can do on the boring days though, feel free to fill in my blanks!

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