Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hark! It's Christmas in the Niman house!

No, I haven't been hidden away celebrating my anniversary an entire week, although it's been that long since my last post. I have been remiss with writing, but only because we have had all three family members home so we got busy together going for walks, visiting friends in Faro and decorating for Christmas.
Now we have twinkly lights around our front window, strung in our potted jungle plant in the dining room and of course all over our tree. Thanks to over-enthusiastic grandparents, we already have presents for Abby under the tree, although today she was more interested in gumming the lights' wires.
Some say it's a bit early, but I've been feeling an itch for Christmas since the first snowfall way back in October. I think I've waited long enough. And perhaps if there are cards strung up and candy canes everywhere, it won't make the -35 temperatures outside seem like torture. Instead, it's "festive" outside. Although it was too cold for a walk today so now we have an over-active puppy. There's frost on the windows (no canned white spray for us!), a heightened appetite for stews and mashed potatoes, and a slew of Christmas serving ware along the buffet in my dining room. I even write out my Christmas cards today to send out, which may sound ridiculously early to some but really, it often takes three weeks for mail to arrive in Ontario from here. It will be right on time when it arrives!
This will be our first Yukon Christmas for three, and I am very excited to start our own family traditions and continue some other ones. I think I will prepare some of those maple cinnamon buns for Christmas morning, play board games with Rich on Christmas Eve, go for a walk Christmas day, give each other Christmas jammies the night before and, of course, break out the web cam for festive connections with family back home.
I was so big and expectant this time last year that I can really appreciate how far our family has come, and how much I have taken to becoming a mother in time for this year's celebrations.
Hopefully tomorrow will warm up a bit so Abby and I don't freeze our Christmas cheer off on our way to the post office to send out our Christmas cards!

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  1. Oh I am so excited for your first family Christmas. I remember looking at your blog last year and yes you were very "expectant" then. Could you even imagine how much more amazing your life would be in one years time?
    I say bring on Christmas a month before! I love the lead up to the big day.


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