Sunday, October 18, 2009


Swine flu a little bit scares the crap outta me. It can KILL people! I usually never get the flu shot because I end up getting some strain of the flu anyways (only those years I get the shot, strange?), and then I've got stuck with a needle for what?
Since I'm still nursing Abby, I wasn't gung-ho about getting any vaccine updates or flu shots this year. But the swine flu shot, I think when it hits Ross River next week I might head down to the health centre and get stuck.
In this isolated, health-fearing, non-showering town, illnesses spread quickly. Abby and I stay away from the sickos as best we can and are neurotic about enforcing the Purell-before-touching-Abby policy wit kids at the library. But insofar as I try my best to keep my immune system strong and illness-free, Rich deals with some shady, stinky, sicky people at work. And who knows what he brings home on him at the end of a shift where he's wrestled a drunk with weird marks all over is skin. Ew.
I think because I'm in that super high risk demographic of people who could get swine flu, I'll get the shot. I really can't call my boss (the one who wears diapers) and ask for a sick day. She is unforgiving if I want to ride the couch and sip broth all day.

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