Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Nights On Air

Abby has just gone down for bed, dishes from dinner are cleaned up, Skylar sits at my feet, tired after a good walk, and I'm having one of those moments where everything seems beautiful around me: The hum of the baby monitor, telling me that in spite of her runny nose, Abby has found peace and quiet. The sweet aftertaste of zucchini bread on the roof of my mouth, a victorious feat after the last three loaves of zucchini bread didn't turn out. If I touch my hair, it doesn't feel too greasy, an embarrassing albeit celebrated accomplishment to which any new mom can relate.
It is half past seven and although I plan on going to bed early, there is a wonderful envelope of me time that I am now about to open. Inside I find the possibility of a lavender bath, a sweaty yoga session, a cozy blanket and a couch on which to read my new book, an organic chocolate face mask to hydrate my parched arctic skin, a nighttime cup of chamomile tea, a kitty looking at me with big, bright eyes who wants to play.
I am endlessly fortunate tonight and I promise to do good by my fortune and soak it all in.

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