Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Holiday! Celebrate!

I convinced Rich that we needed to get away and take a break. Not a break in Ottawa with family. Not a break in Mexico without Abby. But a trip for our family of three, to start making the memories that are our own.
Convincing him was a task: We could always use the money for something else, something concrete. We need to save money so that when we leave the Yukon, we can get a house and make our hard work up here worth it. We can't leave the two RCMP members in town short again so we can gallivant off carefree. Eventually, we compromised.
I agreed that we didn't need to spend crazy amounts of money, but we did need to get out of the Yukon. He agreed that we needed a vacation, for as little money as possible. So we cashed in our Visa flying points, called up relatives in Sooke, B.C. (outside Victoria), and arranged to house sit for them for a week. We'll rent a car and a car seat for Abby and take a week to ourselves.
We fly to Victoria next week, and I am looking forward to walking along the beach, eating fresh food from the nearby farmers' market, visiting my expectant cousins and helping them out where I can, walking around downtown Victoria with my family, changing Abby's bum in new places and being in a beautiful city without snow!
I am convinced Rich will eventually be won over by the idea of a family vacation while we're there. Once he sees the value of family time that isn't spent in a car driving to Whitehorse, in a hotel room where we ave to be silent after Abby goes to bed, nor in another Yukon town with an equally cold forecast to Ross River.
So now begins the task of packing a suitcase for an 8-month-old for a week (no small feat!), her playpen, our suitcases, and finding suitable care for Skylar and Goober. And dreaming of seascapes, salty air and healthy living.
It could be so nice!

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