Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good morning sunshine

This is what happens in the mornings at our house:
Somewhere between 7 and 8, I hear a light, airy breath panting on the monitor. A few minutes later, this graduates into sighs and babbles. I stick my head up to look across the room at the digital clock to make sure it is an acceptable wake-up time, not that this matters. When Abby is awake, she is up.
I stumble over to the bathroom to brush my teeth because lately, I can't stand doing anything with morning breath and sweaters on my teeth. And if not first thing in the morning, who knows when I'd get to brush them!
Then I put on my red and white patterned housecoat, my Woolrich slippers, and pad down the hall to the kitchen to feed an excited Skylar who is whining and jumping with excitement for the new day.
While she is eating, I walk back down the hall rubbing sleep out of my eye, hearing the excited squeals from Abby's room get louder as I get closer. I turn on her light, turn off her white noise machine and smile at the little head poking up. She lies on her back and uses her super strong abdominals to lift her head up to see who has come to rescue her this time. We exchange smiles, the ear-to-ear kind, and I repeat back her excited squeals to her.
Then I pick her up, feel her perfect little butt for any signs of wetness or leakage. Time for a diaper change! By this time Skylar has finished eating and needs to go outside. So we walk down the hall, Abby on my hip, and open the front door, feeling the cold winter air kiss our faces and feet. Abby and I march back to the bathroom, say hello to our reflections in the mirror and start the business of changing last night's diaper.
Into the kitchen where Abby sits in her vibrating rocking chair and mam takes her vitamins. Then I make myself something quick to eat to tide me over while Abby eats a spoon. Usually I make a piece of toast or open a yogurt, or have a bowl of oatmeal.
And that's how our magical days begin! Time for me to continue with ours and make a real, more hearty breakfast!

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  1. Sounds like our mornings but add in a nursing session and my dog sleeps in longer than we do, what a lazy arse. I love opening her door and if she is not already standing on the bed jumping for joy, she crawls with speed to the railings and heaves herself up with the BEST smiles. Morning/Wakeup smiles just melt away any feeling of "blah" Is Abby st


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