Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sundays are supposed to be

Today's cure for boredom is completely self-indulgent bad habits followed by cuddles, couch surfing and the occasional preparation for next week's trip into Whitehorse.
While Daddy went to work to sort out the aftermath of a dozen Mounties descending upon his 2-man detachment, Abby and I lazed. We flipped on TV because Sunday TV movies are the best! The kind you've seen a million times but are like the comfort food of cinema: Ferris Bueller, the Goonies, Mean Girls, To Kill a Mockingbird aer all on today! On the free channels! So Abby jumped in her Jolly Jumper while I put my feet up and watched Along Came Polly, ate an entire tube of BBQ Pringles and a leftover moose hamburger from last night.
Then I lay down on the floor with Abby, faced her and let her play with the zipper of my hoodie. I, in turn, stared back at her perfect head, smelled her soft skin, rubbed her back and dodged the curious scratches from her little talons. We shared a beautiful afternoon together, and all boredom was effectively shooed away while we gazed at each other, wrapped up in comfort and hugs and giggles.
When she took her nap (which I almost, almost lamented), I baked a tray of road trip muffins (oatmeal-flax seed-raisin), put together some trail mix and started packing overnight things for her and I. (Rich says all he needs are four changes of underwear and two shirts for four days of travel). I swear, getting ready to go into Whitehorse for four days almost takes four days worth of preparations!

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