Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reggae and passive-aggressive lawnmower rage

The soundtrack to our Sunday morning this week was the Bob Marley and the Wailers Greatest Hits remastered CD, which arrived Friday from Amazon. Buffalo Soldier and Could It Be Love always always make mt think of Jamaica, and the completely gluttonous sun-worshipping, depth-diving trips we took there in the summer when I was in university. Now Abby and I bop along to it while we mix up formula and rice cereal breakfast for her, and scrambled egg-cheese-salsa burritos for mama. Or "Mummmmm" as she has started whining/saying. I think she knows she's saying Mum. And that it's me. She may only say it when she's whining, but I think I know my own daughter people, and of course she's saying my name.
The after-breakfast, post-nap part of the day was spent hiking down Sawmill Road again, staring our fear of bear attack right in the face, (armed with bear spray and baby cries, of course). It was actually a really nice day for a stroll: The leaves have all changed into yellows and golds, it is cool enough to put a toque on Abby, but warm enough for me to wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt. And -bonus!- we were not eaten alive by bears.
Then little Abby took a nap, her ravenous, post-hike mama ate a PBJ sandwich and apple, and I also cut the grass after I got sick of asking Rich to do it for like three weeks.! He then complained I missed spots. Then I wanted to throw the lawnmower at his face, but I didn't.
Sunday's dinner is an entree of spicy BBQ-rubbed steaks, sliced and oiled potatoes and steamed green beans. Abby gets pureed chicken, carrots and sweet potato.Consequently, so does Skylar.
I hope everyone else has had perfectly September-style weekends!

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