Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Puree wars

As I think I've mentioned before, I am really happy in the kitchen. I like to take a look at what I have in my pantry and fridge, what meat is thawed and then coming up with a way to put it all together to make a yummy meal that is colourful and satisfying and different. The Food Network is often on in the background environment of my casa, where I get inspired and then later find that the professionals make things look much easier. And I've also learned that sometimes, you can't leave ingredients out just because you don't have them. Mostly though, I am confidant in the kitchen, enthused to cook and bake. am, dare I say, even becoming creative with my own concoctions based on what I have learned about what ingredients go well together.
When it came time to think about starting Abby on foods, I started out thinking very simply before I exposed myself to the onslaught of programs and methods and styles of solid starting in the online world of parenting. (Baby-led weaning! Wait a week before a new food! All organic! No sugar or salt! No honey!) I purchased one book to use as a guideline to make sure I didn't accidentally break some medically-important rule when introducing food. (Turns out honey really is a no-no until they are a year old) And I decided to make most of her food myself. I just figured that would be easier since I can't run out to the store and pick up more if we were to run out. Because the store here doesn't sell baby food.
So my mother-in-law got wind of this and graciously sent me up a food processor that at first I hated and now love (after reading the instruction manual and realized I was just pressing the wrong button). I pureed little Abby some fruits and veggies to start slurping, then some meat and fish, and now we're into concoctions. These, I have learned, are necessary in order to trick her into eating things she doesn't like on her own, like broccoli and chicken.
I enjoy making her food. I feel empowered to have the control over what goes into her. I try to use mostly organic stuff I pick up in Whitehorse, I steam or bake things to keep all the good stuff in the food, and then I freeze my sludge in ice cube trays to keep them fresh.
Yesterday I made a baby casserole of rice pasta, tomatoes, sweet potato, carrot and chicken. I thought it tasted pretty good, so I poured five days' worth of soup-y, pureed casserole into little containers in the fridge.
I left for dinner time yesterday to open up the library, where I received this phone call:
"Hey, Sarah? Um, what else can I give Abby for dinner?" [Crying and whining and slamming in background]
"She didn't like her casserole? Did you give her water?"
"Yes I gave her water, but no, she really hates it and has spit it out everywhere and I think she's hungry?"
Defeat. Well baby, I've got four more days' worth of scrumptious casserole so you better get to liking it because dammit, I made that puree with LOVE and it took ALL AFTERNOON.
Usually she's pretty good about warming up to a new food over a few days so we'll see.

Here's the tally:
Current faves: apples, bananas, pear, papaya, avocado, sweet potato, peas-and carrots combo (NOT carrots on their own, heaven forbid), strawberry, rice cereal, oatmeal
Will spit it out all over me: fish, chicken, turkey, broccoli, green beans, pasta

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