Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pantry raid

Today's cure for boredom is figuring out what to eat without the aid of an oven and with dwindling food supplies. Abby and I trek into Whitehorse next week to stock up again, visit friends and hopefully go swimming together because that is one of my very favourite things to do with her. I love her to the moon and back when we're splashing in the water!
Our new oven is supposed to make its way into the empty spot in my kitchen sometime this evening. So it's only today that I need to prep food without an oven. Don't worry! Dinner is steak and potatoes on the grill. It's cold enough that I may ave to grill with a toque on my head, but oven or no oven, steak can ONLY be cooked on a grill, am I right?
We have a few canned things for the next week: Chili, soup, beans. And a few pastas and canned tomatoes and even a little bit of feta to make some pasta salads. As for fresh stuff, we're down to a few apples, kiwis and potatoes. I think there's even a sweet potato kicking around somewhere. I'll have to go to the Dena General store tomorrow to pick up some milk and eggs. And I'll need to bake a loaf or two of bread to tide us over.
But the worst will be the days when Abby and I are away and Rich is forced to feed himself. He is completely useless in the kitchen. Food preparation to him means reheating or heating things from an M&M Meat Shop box. And those supplies are getting low too. I am sure our absence will see him eating lots of PBJ, using his charms to get invited next door for dinner, and the last of the almost-stale cereal for breakfast.
Oh! I just thought of something else I can still make: Quesadillas! I have some tortillas in the freezer, cheese and salsa in the fridge and a can of black beans in the pantry.
Isn't it ironic that yesterday I was touting the values of preservative-free foods when today I am praising canned goods and jarred preservatives? I know, I am an incredibly complex woman.

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  1. You can really help me to fight boredom. I am grateful for your help, friend.


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