Monday, September 7, 2009

Only have a few minutes of "creative writing time" today...although I'm being more creative with my use of time than with wording. It's a chaotic hurricane of overnight bags, coolers and little baby girl clothes as we pack for a trip into Whitehorse. It's only for a measly four days, but you wouldn't know it, with the preparation looking more like we're setting off in a mass, lifelong exodus.
The wolf pelts need to go to the taxidermists to be tanned so they stop taking up room in our freezer. The photocopier and old TV from the library in town need to go to appliance heaven in Whitehorse. Abby needs to have enough outfits, food and sleepwear ready for four days, taking into consideration pee-throughs, pukes-on and the dreaded poo-upons we encounter on a daily basis. Then there's my librarian uniforms (cardigans and jeans, right? Sadly, it is not a sexy librarians conference I am attending in town, just the regular kind). Skylar's food, road trip food (a hungry mama like me needs more than a granola bar for a five-hour drive in), road music (or, in the case of this trip, a book on CD). Plus I have to do laundry (ours and Abby's and diapers), clean the house a bit for the relief member staying here, entertain Abby, feed myself this an update on the blog before I'm gone for four days. While Abby sits in her ring of neglect.
So now I'm done writing and off to run errands before we set "sail" into the "big city" for a few days.
Be back Saturday!

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