Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Notes on Notes

There are certain rules in our house when it comes to music:
-Breakfast-making (eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, pancakes) MUST be accompanied by music, specifically oldies, Motown or the Beatles
- Dinner prep means Abby is in her Jolly Jumper, I am dancing between the stove and cupboards and fridge and the day's favourite (CD or radio station) is pumped up loud enough for the neighbours to hear.
- When Abby has woken in the morning and we're all a little groggy, soft Abby lullabies go on the stereo while she experiments with her hands and feet, and grabs at her toys. (Fave lullabies are the Rockabye baby series where they take pop bands and make them lullabies. We have Coldplay and the Beatles)
- It is impossible to go for a run without pump-up music. (Like Fatboy Slim or Prodigy) I tried it once and got so sick of hearing the sound of my laboured breathing I nearly died.
- When dinner guests come over, whoever makes the dinner picks the soundtrack. This is usually me (unless Rich is making his one specialty: chicken thighs), and so I pick some good jazz (Charlie Parker, Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett on rotation), or some classic Motown (you really can never go wrong with that- everyone likes Motown). I learned that not everyone appreciates jazz like I do:
Our first Thanksgiving up North, my friend Brittany and I prepared a lavish orphans' Thanksgiving feast of turkey, stuffing, two kinds of potatoes, casserole, homemade rolls, pies and cakes. Upon sitting down to his spot at the head of the table, Rich proclaims, "So, who else is sick of this crappy music and wants to change it?" He thought he was making a light-hearted joke. I wanted to throw my mashed potatoes at his face, but he was in uniform.
Music is an important part of our household, as I have just supported. We'll see if my hypothesis is right and this habit creates a genius baby in Abby just like her mama.

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