Thursday, September 3, 2009

Never Gets Old

Rich has the day off today, so we packed Abby in her carrier and set off on a walk with Skylar. The poor, neglected, second-string favourite child is always ready to go for a walk. We set out for the woods, this time armed with a bear bell on Skylar's collar that makes her sound like a reindeer, Rich's gun on his belt, and bear spray. Just in case. We've been a bit rattled since our last too-close encounter with a bear. In fact, yesterday on our walk Rich almost shot Skylar when a flock of ptarmigan suddenly flew to the sky and a large, furry shape darted out from their aftermath. Sorry Skylar!
We were but a few minutes into our walk, just after taking the above picture, actually, when Skylar's bell came in handy. She alerted a mama black bear, who stood on her hind legs to get a better view of what that strange sound was above the brush. Rich and I spotted her, and the two dark-coloured cubs at her feet. We called Skylar back and ran in the opposite direction, checking over our shoulders to make sure we weren't being attacked by a territorial mama bear. Thankfully, we weren't.
Phew! Four bear sightings in two weeks is getting to be a little much for the ol' ticker.And once again, life in Ross River continues to have its own unique blend of entertainment in store for us.


  1. more bear encounters...yikes! I don't know how you keep going out for hikes. be safe!

  2. I know. I feel like such a numpty even smiling in this picture, knowing now that about five minutes into the future I am running past that same spot in a panic.


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