Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Secret Crush

I have a confession. I'm not sure even Rich knows this. But I would totally run away with Jason Mraz, given the chance. OK, maybe not. I couldn't literally wave bye-bye to Abby and her Daddy while I drive off in clothes that don't suit me with a man I've only seen once in real life.
But it's weird to imagine, in this wired day, that I know him. I excitedly bought up all his albums after my little brother exposed me to his sound and we went to a live show in 2006. It was spectacular, really an amazing show. I remember lyrics to his opening acts (Carbon Leaf and Raul Midon), performers so good, I recall a guy behind me saying to is friend, "Wow, Mraz better bring his A Game after that."
And bring it he did. His voice was phenomenal. My brother analyzed that if a person had Jason Mraz's voice and John Mayer's guitar skills, the universe might implode under the pressure of such built-up musical perfection. Seeing that Jason Mraz show, on the small venue Ottawa leg of his Mr. A-Z tour, was an experience. A feeling. He was so passionate (and also a stoned, as I recall), personable, charming and talented.
For his encore, he came out and sat down on a round throw pillow to sing the opening verse of Plane before the rest of the band chimed in. It felt almost intrusive to be watching such an honest and clean and un-touched vocal performance. Beautiful.
After the show, my brother and I ran around the back of the venue to try and catch him on his way to whatever afterparty Ottawa had to offer. Instead we met up with his guitarist and chatted with him for a bit, which was a funny, insightful conversation.
Since that show, I have followed him in a non-stalkerish way, through his subsequent album, and, more notably, his blog. He is such a funny, strange personality through is writing. Peculiar, but insightful. It's fun too, to read about life as a touring musician, and to understand a little better what that means, the glamorous and the not. I think it seems a little lonely. And then off on a tangent my mind goes...
So I've decided that in the hypothetical world where Mr.Mraz and I cross paths, he would be my free pass. You know, the free pass within all marriages that stipulates each partner gets one free pass to briefly run away with any celebrity of their choosing. We would probably surf and do yoga and eat organic food and talk about books we'd enjoyed. And then I'd fly back to the Yukon, with a slight tan and flush to my cheeks. I've always had a thing for musicians.

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